New Wurlitzer Band Organ Style 150 Rolls
New Recut 150 Rolls for the First Time!
These rolls (14538, 14539)  are available directly from the arranger, Mikey Mills, 204 Ridgepointe Drive, Cold Spring, KY 41076;   $75 plus $6 shipping in USA.
Rolls 14537 (SOLD OUT) and 14540 are available from Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502;

Price:  $75 plus $6 shipping in USA.  Check and paypal accepted.
These are newly arranged rolls by talented, young arrangers.  If you enjoyed rolls arranged by Wurlitzer, Rich Olsen, and others, these arrangements, use of registers, and quality are similar.

All proceeds after expenses go to the arrangers.  Get great music for your 150 scale instrument while supporting and encouraging these talented young arrangers.  Don't delay.  Only about 16 copies of each roll are produced, and when the run is sold out, they are gone.  The rolls are perforated by Play-Rite Music, Turlock, CA.

Just released, four newly arranged 150 rolls:  UPDATE:  ROLL 14537 SOLD OUT

Rolls 14537 and 14540, arranged by Andy Park, are the style 150 versions of the very popular 165 rolls 6859 and 6861, released to great praise in 2014.  They are absolutely terrific.  Order your copies before they are sold out! Label / tune list below.  Order direct from Glenn Thomas.

Rolls 14538 and 14539, arranged by Mikey Mills, are great "evergreen" style march and waltz rolls arranged especially for the 150 scale.  Some of these tunes were on original Wurlitzer 165 rolls but never made it to the 150 scale.  Now they are!  Order direct from Mikey Mills.

Special Announcement
Original Wurlitzer Band Organ Style 150 Recut Rolls
Never before offered

We are pleased to offer three recuts of original Wurlitzer 150 rolls never before recut.  Roll numbers: 13197, 13198, and 13217. Tune titles and label images are below  Limited run of 15 copies each.  Buy before they are gone! 

Price is $65 each plus $6 shipping in USA.  Check and paypal accepted.

These rolls are available from:  Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502

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New Recut Wurlitzer 150 Rolls Never Before Offered