Newly Arranged Wurlitzer Band Organ Style 165 Rolls

Roll 6859  (Arranged by Andrew Park)

 1. America Forever (E. T. Paull) March
 2. I Don’t Care (Harry O. Sutton) Fox Trot
 3. A Banda (Chico Buarque) Bossa Nova
 4. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Gus Edwards) Fox Trot
 5. Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Frank Churchill) Fox Trot
 6. España (Op. 236) (Emile Waldteufel) Waltz
 7. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Weisman, Wayne & Garrett) Fox Trot
 8. Brand New Key "The Rollerskate Song" (Melanie Safka) Fox Trot
 9. You Ought To Be In Pictures (Dana Suesse) Fox Trot
10. Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson) Tango

Roll Number 6858 (Arr. by Mikey Mills)
1.  The Midnight Fire Alarm  (Harry Lincoln)  March
2.  Homeland  (Harry Lincoln)  Waltz
3.  The Burning of Rome  (E. T. Paull)  March
4.  Fascination  (Henry Lodge)  Waltz
5.  The Honeymoon March  (George Rosey)  March
6.  Dove of Peace  (Harry Lincoln)  Waltz
7.  The Homecoming  (E. T. Paull  (March)
8.  Vacation  (Harry Lincoln)  Waltz
9.  Napoleon's Last Charge  (E. T. Paull)  March
10.  Geraldine  (Henry Loddge)  Waltz

These rolls (6614, 6858, 6863)  are available directly from the arranger, Mikey Mills, 204 Ridgepointe Drive, Cold Spring, KY 41076;   $85 plus $6 shipping in USA.
The above rolls are available from Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502;

All proceeds after expenses go to the arrangers.  Get great music for your 165 scale instrument while supporting and encouraging these talented young arrangers.  Don't delay.  Only about 16 copies of each roll are produced, and when the run is sold out, an additional run is unlikely.  The rolls are perforated by Play-Rite Music, Turlock, CA.

This endeavor and website produced by Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ.

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Price:  $85 each ($50 for 6518)  plus media mail packing and shipping ($6 each roll in the USA).  Click on the audio links to hear complete, sample tunes from these rolls.
1.  The Midnight Fire Alarm
2.  Homeland
5.. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
7.  The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
10. Blue Tango
Roll No. 6518 - Grand March Medley

1.  General Grant's Grand March
2.  Clayton's Grand March
3.  Grand March of the Marines

This previously unknown and newly discovered roll is the length of a 5-piece roll, and was issued by Wurlitzer in about 1920.  It is also listed in their catalog as roll 6549. 

 In the late teens and 20's, Wurlitzer issued some specialty rolls with different lengths.  This complete, only known example was recently found in a collection of original roll scraps that belonged with the Ross Davis, Lincoln Park 165 organ #3629.  The roll was in very poor condition, and required considerable repair to allow recutting. The result is remarkable,  The roll is a medley, meaning there are no numbered stops and coin trip holes between tunes.  Instead, Wurlitzer added a recognizable bridge or vamp between tunes, identifying the separation.  The tunes have unusually creative registration, with frequent changes, and use of interesting register combinations. 

 This rare roll has only 16 copies available and is priced at $50 plus $6 shipping. Order direct from Glenn Thomas.

Roll No. 6860  (Arranged by Mikey Mills)

1. Schneidige Truppe  (Op. 17)  (Julius Lehnhardt)   March
2.  Creole Bells  (J. Bodewalt Lampe)        Fox Trot
3.  The Oceana Roll  (Lucien Denni)        Fox Trot
4.  On, Wisconsin  (William T. Purdy)        March
5.  Anvil Chorus (From the opera, Il Trovatore by G. Verdi)      Operatic Narch
6.  Aunt Hagar's Blues  (W. C. Handy)        Blues
7.  I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll  (Williams and Williams)  Fox Trot
8.  Big Bear Stomp  (Lu Watters)        Fox Trot
9.  My Little Girl  (Douglas and McGraw)     One Step
10, Black Hawk Waltz   (Mar E. Walsh)        Waltz

Roll No. 6861  (Arranged by Andy Park)

1.  Punchinello  (William Rimmer)        March
2.  Puttin' On The Ritz  (Irving Berlin)        Fox Trot
3.  Take Good Care of My Baby  (Carole King)        Fox Trot
4.  Under the Bridges of Paris  (Vincent Scotto)      Fox Trot
5.  St. Louis Blues March  (W. C. Handy)        March / Blues
6.  Aba Daba Honeymoon  (Fields and Donovan)        One Step
7.  One Fine Day  (Carole King)        Fox Trot
8.  Dream Train  (Billy Baskette)         Fox Trot
9.  Piffle Rag  (Gladys Yelvington)        Ragtimr
10.  Valse Septembre  (Felix Godin)          Waltz
Recut of Newly Discovered Original Wurlitzer 165 Roll
4.  On Wisconsin
6.  Aunt Hagar's Blues
2.  Puttin' On The Ritz
6.  Aba Daba Honeymoon
8. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
5. The Riff Song
7. All I Do Is Dream of You
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3.  Aggie War Hymn
10.  Tiger Rag
3.  I Got Rhythm
4.  Weaner Madl'n
1.  Tango Notturno
5.  La Cumparsita
Rolls 6864 and 6865 are variety "carousel rolls" with 10 mostly recognizable tunes chosen by Matthew Caulfield, Glenn Thomas, arranger Andy Park, and by you!  Each is outstanding and in the spirit of Wurlitzer's 1920's style.  Playing times of 6864 and 6865 are 33 and 29 minutes respectively.

Roll 6866 is a special request tango roll for John and Gloria Malone.  This roll will surprise you with its gallantry! Playing time 26 minutes.

All are $85 plus $6 shipping each from Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502;  Paypal and checks accepted.
6614 is a recreation of the lost original by Mikey Mills.  The only known original copy was in the Ross Davis California collection, but disappeared before 1965.  The box was saved, and a copy of the original label is on one side of the box furnished with your roll. Mikey Mills has carefully studied Wurlitzer's period styles, and this roll is reconstructed from what Wurlitzer's arrangement probably sounded like. Playing time: 26 min.
This space reserved for more Wurlitzer 165 rolls coming soon!
Rolls arranged by and available from Mikey Mills
Roll 6862, arranged by Andy Park, has 11 full-length tunes arranged in a combination of Wurlitzer's authentic period style but as played by the band requested by the initiator. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon, a terrific big-band era tune, made famous by the Andrews Sisters. Pink Elephants emulates the recording from the 1930's by George Olsen and his music. The Riff Song is based upon Don Voorhees original version.

More Recent releases:  Wurlitzer "lost tune" roll 6652 has been carefully reconstructed so you will think it is an original Wurlitzer release from 1929.  Many believe Wurlitzer band organ rolls in this vintage were some of the best rolls arranged by Wurlitzer, and arranger Andy Park has faithfully recreated this roll.

Next, lovers of "big band" era music who enjoyed the first roll arranged by Rich Olsen will be pleased with this second edition in the series, roll 6669, arranged by Andy Park.  It contains many familiar hits from that era, plus a few surprises.

Lastly, we were commissioned to produce two 12-tune gospel rolls with many familiar tunes. Not sure how these will sound on a Wurlitzer 165 band organ?  Skeptical?  These are both terrific rolls arranged by Andy Park.  You will be pleasently surprised that these have been made available for others!
11.  Will the Circle Be Unbroken
12.  A Wonderful Time Up There
1.  I Saw the Light
11.  (You've Got to Walk) That Lonesome Valley
1.  Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)
10.  Stardust
7.  I'm Just Wild About Horns on Automobiles
8.  That's Her Now
Recent releases:  Roll 6870, arranged by Mikey Mills, is a great selection of music from the 1920, done in the same period style made famous by Wurlitzer.  Roll 6871, arranged by Andy Park, is a special request roll of great Mexican period music arranged in the style of the great dancebands that made each famous. Both rolls are highly recommended.  Order 6870 direct from Mikey Mills, and 6871 from Glenn Thomas.  See addresses below.
1.  Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
7.  I've Got the Yes We have No Bananas Blues
1.  La Marieta / Adios Mama Carlota
7.  Cielito Lindo
Just in time for Summer: two newly arranged 165 rolls.  6873 is a great "carousel" or entertainment roll with many familiar tunes.  Everyone will love this roll!  6872 was arranged specially for travelling carnival / showman James Drew, and is also available to you!  It also has many popular and familiar tunes, and is a special extra-length 12-tune roll.  Both are arranged by Andy Park in Wurlitzer's 1920's and 1930's style
Buy from Glenn Thomas: 165 Kildee Rd.; Belle Mead, NJ 08502;; $85 each, plus $6 media mail shipping in the USA.  Paypal or check accepted.
6.  One o'clock Jump
7. Pink Panther Theme
4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da
9. Just Born to be Your Baby