Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP) Rolls

Introducing newly arranged and recuts of original Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP) for your Wurlitzer coin piano.  These rolls play on most styles of Wurlitzer coin pianos using the APP 5-tune changer or 10-tune long roll frame format, including styles A, AX, B, BX, C, CX L, LX,I, IX, and others..

These newly arranged rolls from three talented arrangers are the first examples of new music for this style since TRT Manufacturing Co., the successor to Wurlitzer, discontinued making rolls in the mid 1960's. They are professionally perforated by PlayRite Music, Turlock, CA, with boxes, labels, leaders, and with packaging in the same style, look, and feel, that Wurlitzer did.

Initially, we are offering three new long-frame 10-tune APP rolls available now.  These roils play on the long-frame 10-tune pianos.  Do not make two 5-tune changer rolls from them, as the tempo will not play properly. 

The 5-tune changer versions are available in a subscription of new rolls and recuts of original Wurlitzer rolls

Newly arranged 10-tune APP rolls
Roll 30401 is arranged by Andy Park, who has had great success arranging Wurlitzer band organ rolls in the last few years.  Andy is a disciple of Wurlitzer's arranging style, especially that of the 1920's.  This roll has mostly popular tunes from the 1960's and 1970's, but arranged as if it were a Wurlitzer APP roll from the late 1920's.  If you like Wurlitzer's in-house APP style (not QRS) of that era, this roll is a must for you!
Roll 30403, arranged by Mikey Mills who has also had great success in arranging for the Wurlitzer band organ, and other instruments.  This roll is arranged in Wurlitzer's 1940's style, and features both familiar and less known tunes that sound delightful on the APP scale.  Close your eyes and listen and you'll think Wurlitzer did this in 1942!
Roll 30402 is a hand-played roll by Nathan Bello of rare transcriptions mostly from recordings and sheet music by Jimmy Blythe with a couple by Clarence Johnson.  Very few have been on piano rolls, and certainly not coin pianos.  These are wonderful versions, "as if" played by these artists in a very rare format, sure to be rare and highly desirable.
Each of the above rolls is available now in a limited edition for $90 each, plus $6 shipping (discounted for multiple rolls).

Order 30401, 30402 from:  Glenn Thomas; 165 Kildee Rd.; Belle Mead, NJ 08502; wurlitzer165@comcast.net.

Order 30403 from:  Mikey Mills, 204 Ridgepointe Drive, Cold Spring, KY 41076:  MikeyMillsjr@yahoo.com

Or, for coonvenience, order all from Glenn Thomas who will make the proper allocations.

Newly Arranged and Recut Original 5-Tune Changer Rolls

The 5-tune roll changer versions of 30401 and 30402 will be part of a 20-tune roll subscription project which will include the four 5-tune versions of 30401 and 30402, plus 16 recuts of great Wurlitzer original 5-tune APP rolls never before recut. While the 16 rolls are still in the process of selection, they will be a mixture of rolls from the late 'teens, 20's and 30's that are considered to be the best of many more rolls to be considered.  Each roll will be set up and packaged as Wurlitzer did with a metal feed bar riveted to a cloth leader, placed in an appropriate box with room for the changer end. The price is expected to be $1,300 or an average of $65 per roll.  A minimum of 10 subscriptions must be ordered for this project to proceed.

Roll 30403 will also be available as two 5-tune changer rolls sold separately for $130 for the two.  This project will go forward if the above subscription project proceeds.

You must contact Glenn Thomas to order a subscription, or request additional details.  Once the roll selections are complete, everyone ordering a subscription will receive the specifics and have the option to reconfirm or cancel before any money changes hands.  This project is expected to be popular and be fully subscribed.

This page and endeavor copyright 2016 Glenn Thomas.  All rights reserved.  Information:  Glenn Thomas:  165 Kildee Rd. Belle Mead, NJ 08502.  email:  wurlitzer165@comcast.net.

30401_02  One Fine Day
30401_08_Tell Him
30402_01_Lovin's Been Here and Gone
30402_04_Fightin' Blues
30403_01_Over the Rainbow
30403_03_Brush up Your Shakepeare